Claude Joyal Farming equipment

Claude Joyal Inc.
A Family Business Since 1962

The adventure begins in 1962. Claude Joyal, a farmer’s son from St-David near Sorel, acquires an International Harvester franchise in Saint-Guillaume (also including, at the time, a Texaco gas retailer). Today, after several renovations and expansions, the Saint-Guillaume store still houses the company’s headquarters.

In 1988, Claude Joyal acquires a second franchise in Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu: B & D Équipement. Joyal follows suit in 1991 by purchasing Stanbridge Station, then owned by Équipement Messier, followed in 2000 by Napierville Automotive in Napierville and finally, in 2012, Garage E. Boissonneault, located in Lyster.

Today, Nathalie & Ghislain manage the family business. These third-generation entrepreneurs are uniquely qualified to carry on the family tradition of providing the highest quality service to their clientele.